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Hello, and welcome to McPayphone, a project to catalog America's half million payphone numbers and payphones from abroad.

To submit a number, send an email to webmaster@mcpayphone.com. When submitting it, please include the landmark (Burger King, Police Dept., unknown, etc.), location (road it's on, street corner, or address) and anything noteworthy. You can also submit your name with the post because I like to give credit for others' efforts.

If you have any questions about how to read the guide or submit numbers, email me. Otherwise, enjoy some free and open source information.

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Contact McPayphone to submit numbers at webmaster@mcpayphone.com

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  • McPayphone History

    McPayphone started in 2000 as a personal hobby, inspired by the Mojave Desert Phone Booth. In time, the collection grew to over 10,000 domestic and international numbers. It has grown into a reference tool and has aided in missing persons and telephone harassment cases.

    The original site was deleted by Yahoo for violation of its terms of service policy, which were not allowed to be corrected or even elaborated upon.

    Luckily, McPayphone had paper copy of a lot of the numbers, which have been laboriously re-entered. The site has lost a bit, but the McPayphone foundation is working toward a directory filled with open source information.

    We are also looking forward to making international links and learning about other cultures (like that odd Canadian one that has "Mr. Sub" instead of Subway).